Handball is a team sport, where 14 athletes play in a field, 7 for each team, composed of one goalkeeper and 6 players (1 or 2 players with disabilities in each team).On the bench there are up to a maximum of 9 players reserves available to the coach. The goal is to score as many goals using your hands.

Simply Basket

Simply Basket is a team sport with great inclusive potential because the ball is handled with the hands and this gives great security to players. Each team plays with 5 players and at least one disabled player. Game changes are flying and unlimited and the disabled player can only be replaced by 

Simple swimming course

The swimming course is done in an educational pool (about 80 cm high) in which all children approach, through the game, to move in the element of water: move, know the dangers and get pleasure from the activity. This will allow the child to relate to the water in a pleasant and independent way in

The Più Sport 

The Più Sport activity lasts 4 years. It starts when the child is 4 years old and ends when he is 8. In these 4 years we propose many MOTOR AND SPORTS ACTIVITIES that go to stimulate motor skills of each child. All the multi-purpose activities are proposed on 4 elements: water (pool), land (different gyms), sand, outdoor (Nature). After the Più Sport activities the child will